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Long Term Care Insurance, LTC, pays the expenses of a person confined  to a nursing home, supplies and other needed long term care benefits .

The Dilemma- When You Can't Take Care Of Yourself

Finding the money to pay for- adult day care centers, home health services, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. The current average rate for a private room at a nursing home is approximately $180.00 per day, which equates to $65,700 per year in today's dollars.

If you are 60 and need to use the benefits at age 80 the cost per day will then be approximately $460.00 per day. Yes, $167,900 per year. Kind of crazy, but this is our reality.

Your Options Are

Medicare- the government elderly healthcare program- and Medicaid-
the government program for the poor-
Provide Benefits That Are Truly Lacking!

1.   Medicare-  So What's Covered?

2.   Medicaid- Nursing Homes Benefits

A poverty level is met which is state-determined. and health related criteria. 
You can keep the house in which your spouse or dependent resides, the furniture, a car, a burial plot and funeral funds, and cash of $2,000.

Benefits:_Room-  board-  nursing care-  Benefit Periods and Payments_ Room- board- nursing care-

The Only Obvious Answer Is, Long Term Care Insurance May Be The Only Answer! 
Only deal with A rated or above companies....you want them to be there when you need the covered benefits of your policy.

Ask Yourself, Will My Coverage Be Sufficient?
ursing home costs are projected to rise by a least 5.6 percent a year.

When Is A Good Time To Buy  Long Term Care Insurance?
Purchase coverage as soon as possible when there is a family history of chronic diseases.  Premiums go up with age. A plan that costs $1,500 per year for a 50 year old will cost a 60 year old $3,000 and a 70 year old $7,500.

Qualifying For Benefits
The criteria for benefit payment is usually that you are unable to perform a specified number of  "activities of daily living": i.e. bathing, dressing, eating, getting from a bed to a chair, remaining continent, using a toilet, and walking.

Some insurers require that you be screened by their own physician, whose primary charge may be to keep claims under control.

Policy Elimination Periods
Elimination periods of 20, 30, 60, 90, or 100 days during which you must pay for nursing home care out of your own pocket are the norm. The longer the elimination period, the lower the premium. Lifetime coverage is available and should be considered early when a family history of  chronic diseases is present.

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