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Long Term Care Insurance, G.E. Capital Long Term Care Choice

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Long Term Care Choice

Long Term Care Choice
Issue Age Range Ages 18-79
Health Classes Preferred, Standard
Daily Benefit Range $30-$250
Benefit Periods 2, 3, 4, 6 yrs, Life
Elimination Periods 50, 100 days *Once satisfied no longer applies during policy's lifetime.
Facility Benefits Reimbursement
Homemaker Services Available
Adult day care % 100%
Home Health Care Daily, Weekly, Monthly Monthly
% Benefit for Asst. Living 100%
% Reimb. for Home Care Aide 100%
Bed Reservation Days/Yrs 50
Respite Care days/yrs 21 @ 100%
Restoration of Benefits Rider
Alternative Plan of Care Available
Caregiver Training Benefit 5 x DB lifetime max
Pre-existing Conditions No
Rate Guarantee Period Not Available
State Approvals Available in: CA CT IN MD MA MT NY PA TX WA.
Call your MGA for all state differences.
Facility Waiver Not Available
HHC Waiver Not Available
Joint Waiver No
Spouse Discount 25%
Family/Partner Live together Available
Compound Available
Simple Available
Paid Up Options 0
Shortened Benefit Period Not Available
ROP at Death Not Available
Paid up Survivor Benefit Yes
Care by Friends / Unlicensed Not Available
Care by Family Not Available
Shared Care Benefit No Shared Benefits
Other Non-Forfeiture Short benefit period after 3 years
Facility Trigger 2/6
HCBC Trigger 2/6


Genworth Long Term Care Product Information

Genworth, Classic Select
                         Genworth, Classic Select Shared

                         Genworth, Long Term Care Choice

                         Genworth, Long Term Care Choice Shared

                         Genworth, Privileged Choice

                         Genworth, Privileged Choice Shared

Long Term Care Insurance Companies

Genworth Financial  John Hancock
  GE Capital        John Hancock


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