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The Problem

Many people assume they will never need long term care, are unaware of  long term care costs, both financial and emotional, or think that the government will pay. 

Unfortunately, the facts don’t support these assumptions.       

Today more than ever, we are all faced with the "financial challenges of living longer".  We tend to focus on producing income, and concerning ourselves with today's inflated expenses. We recognize the fact that our jobs are not secure and the forecast for the future is higher costs of living. If you think you have problems now, try taking on these financial challenges if you are unable to physically fend for your self.   Any one of us can be faced with this challenge at any time.

Did You Know?

  • Medicare eligibility requirements are for a limited time period for skilled nursing care only?

  • When you are on Medicaid, you are considered to be on a welfare benefit program?

  • Other insurance benefits, such as health insurance and other medical supplement plans,
    do not cover nursing home care?

Most of the Long Term Care costs are paid for through savings or other assets. 

Many times family members pay for the cost... currently $2,500 to $4,500 per month or more!

There are really only two choices, if you want to keep your independence; either have substantial assets you are willing to give up, or you have adequate long term care insurance.

We believe that most of us would like to make our own choices, instead of someone else making them for us. 

Do I need Long Term Care? 

The answer could be YES if you need to...

Protect Your Assets - Or Are Without Adequate Assets

You work hard and save your money so that you can enjoy your retirement some day. Maybe you dream about the trips you might take or the fun you’re going to have with all that time on your hands. Chances are, you’re not thinking about the possibility of needing long-term care. Maybe you should.

Long-term care is expensive. Today, the national average cost for home care is $20,000* and the cost of nursing home care is $50,000.** In thirty years, average costs are expected to more than triple.*** Is that how you want to spend the savings you worked so hard to acquire?

Long term care insurance can help. It fills the gaps in coverage left by medical plans not intended to cover the cost of a home health aid or the expense associated with nursing home confinement. It provides benefits for long-term care services that may only be covered in a limited way by government programs like Medicare or Medicaid.

Long term care insurance is an affordable way to protect yourself and your family members from the financial burdens often associated with long-term care.

Preserve Your Independence

You’re an independent person. You’ve always enjoyed good health. You may not think of yourself as a candidate for long-term care services, at least not until you’re much older. But long-term care situations can happen at any point during your life, due to illness or an accident.

Did you know that 40% of the 12 million people who are receiving long-term care are under age 65? That’s 4.8 million people who probably didn’t think they would need long-term care services either.****  What would you do if you could no longer manage to do everyday tasks without assistance? Could you depend on your spouse? What about other family members? If they work or live far away, your options become less clear.

Long-term care insurance doesn’t just pay benefits for care provided in a nursing home. A comprehensive long-term care insurance plan can pay for services that help you remain at home, like visits from a registered nurse or home health aid or home modifications that can help you manage on your own.

Long-term care insurance offers coverage that will give you the flexibility you need to make decisions about the kind and site or care that works best for you.

*Who buys Long-Term Care Insurance in 2000? Prepared for the Insurance Association of America by LifePlans, Inc., October 2000

**ACLI Study, March 2000

***U.S. General Accounting Office, January 2001

****U.S. Office of Personnel Management, 2001

Purchasing a long-term care insurance policy

Purchasing a long-term care insurance policy can be an effective way to protect against the often-devastating costs of long-term care. In the right circumstances, a good long-term care insurance policy can help you avoid exhausting your life savings to cover needed long-term care services and maintain access to the widest variety of quality service options. It may also provide you with greater choices and help you avoid depending upon the financial assistance of family, or friends or a  (Medicaid) program.

Not everyone is a candidate for long-term care insurance. Long-term care insurance is not offered on a guaranteed issue basis and companies may deny coverage or limit benefits during a pre-existing condition waiting period if you do not meet their "medical underwriting" standards. If you already have health problems (e.g., Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease or other less serious conditions), insurers may consider you to be a high risk and decline to issue a long-term care insurance policy.

Even if you are medically eligible, long-term care insurance might not be affordable for you. If you are living on a limited or fixed income or if you must go without basic needs to afford the premiums, you certainly should not buy a policy. You must also consider whether you are going to be able to afford the premiums throughout your lifetime, since it is not unusual for a policyholder to pay premiums for more than twenty years before needing services.

You should also be clear about what assets you hope to protect by buying long-term care insurance. If you do not have significant assets, long-term care insurance may not be an appropriate purchase for you. Under the right circumstances, long-term care insurance could be the best way to protect your assets, including your home.

Since long-term care insurance is a major financial commitment, before you buy any coverage, understand your options and look closely at your needs and resources.

Long Term Care Insurance Companies

Genworth Financial  John Hancock
  GE Capital        John Hancock


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